Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Paris, je t'aime~

Moving on from Germany to Paris ~ AAAA~*
Bienvenue a Paris!!!

PaRee~ is stunning both day and night! It was how i have always imagined it to be~ Stepping out of the airport makes me feel romantic already. Just imagine being swept off my feet by some stranger and ready to fall in love without a care about the world~( it was night arrival hence that sort of top it off like Hersheys on whipped cream on my cupcake) did i mention, it was cooling 15deg... compared to weather back home, here it's heaven.
Fortunately we were smacked right where The Avenue des Champs- Elysees is located; so after our late meetings, we had places to hang out till 430am (really short stay of just 2 nights... i so want to go there again), strolling on the streets, savoring the splendor French monuments, eating pizzas, drinking wines.....
Also the wonderfully fashion- savvy folks sashay on the streets make you want to dress up to your best even when you are just out for a stroll. Enchanted by the scenic streets and culture of the Parisian, we strolled to Eiffel Tower (2 nights in a row) and felt no ache on our legs; just relaxing and enjoying the cooling breeze~~

P.S. I lost my iphone in Paris, i strongly believe it is with its new owner who is currently enjoying a cup of warm cappuccino at some sidewalk Tavern, waiting to embark on its new journey ~ 

I LOVE Paris!! I will come back again, wait for me~

Brunswick here i come~~~

It was thanks to work ( yes i have embarked on a new phase in Marcom with a new company since the shifting of my previous company's office location to OMG Boon Lay; I will miss them dearly :) ) that i had taken some fresh air from another land apart from Singapore after approximately a year from my school exchange trip; i am so badly in need of a break, craving to go somewhere where i can rejuvenate my inspiration....
Thank God~  Although it was a damn rush one for tight meetings time-line ( i could say it was merely smelling the grass and poof * off  i go) but still am lucky as i had the nights to explore the little town i was in during this trip...
This place call Brunswick in Germany~~~ Well it was rush yes but we had our fare share of German Sausages (damn they are huge!) and beers with Pork Knuckles.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bazaar Stall at Tanglin Mall

Finally managed to rent a stall to sell away used clothes at Tanglin Mall Flea Market. I want to thank you ladies for responding to my last min SOS! I had fun bargaining and the jokes you girls played on the customers at the expense of potential sales:)!!

Next time if this happens check list includes:

Pens with ink
Extra batteries for people who watch videos on iphones
More plastic bags
More coffee
Be ready to hold on to your last call price
Bring all friends to have fun

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Statue of Liberty


I don't think i want to explain the history of the Liberty here but :) i have a link here if you are keen!

Madame Tussauds NY

ROll the Red Carpet!!!!~

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Empire State Building and Rockerfella

A "high" feeling...

NYC Apartment and Neighborhood

These are some places near the apartment i was staying in Lower Manhattan. All the streets here are in Ave and Street numbers so we had to be really specific when we tell the cabbies the address (the yellow cabbies here are tough!)If you think S'pore and M'sia cabbies are reckless drivers then NYC cabbies are definitely F1 racers!

At Lower Manhattan, we had a basement place so in the morning i love to wear my PJs and just bring my coffee to sit on the bench placed right on the outside of our entrance to welcome the start of a new day. On a cooling and wet morning, i get passerby greeting me with "enjoy the rain!its nice isn't it". Nice...
You will also see pictures of me sitting at "The Bean" a cafe at the corner of the street i stayed but coffee at "The Bench" still the best.

73E 3rd Street. Boy i miss that place.. It has to be place i will want to stay if i go back again. Soho is right turn 2 streets down, Chinatown is straight up 3 streets and left turn 4 streets. The streets here are filled with cosy small sidewalk boutique restaurants and cafes.

So missing it..